Our Dock

Our Marina is Brand-new from the sea-bed up! We welcome you to come and enjoy a weekend in our picturesque harbor. We’re beyond excited to see some new and returning customers enjoying our new facility.

*Rates are subject to change

Local Long-term Rates:

#DescriptionMonthly Rate
1Per Ft Annual Term$13.50 /ft
2Per Ft 3-6 Month Term (Apr 1 -Sept 30)$18.00 /ft
3Per Ft Monthly Term (June 15-Sep15)$22.00 /ft

Transient Rates:

#DescriptionDaily Rate
1Per Ft/Night (Oct 1 - Mar 31)$1.00 /ft
2Per Ft/Night (April 1 - Sept 30)$1.95 /ft
3Per Ft/Night 100Ft+$2.35 /ft

Casual Rate, Up to 4 Hours (No power/water):

#DescriptionDaily Rate
1Under 18Ft$10.00 flat
218-60Ft$20.00 flat
360Ft+$ 1/2 Overnight Rate

Power Rates:

#DescriptionDaily Rate
130 AMP per Night/Month$7.00 / $40.00
250 AMP per Night/ Month$11.00 / $50.00

Group Rates:

#DescriptionDaily Rate
1Over 10 Boats10% Discount
2Over 20 Boats20% Discount