Transient Reservation Booking

We’ve put together a short guide to help you use our booking system. Please feel free to skip the instructions and head straight to the booking engine if you prefer.



Enter your arrival and departure date. and vessel dimensions.

Please provide your true LOA (Length Overall), including all projections such as swim grids, dinghies, and bow sprits. Please note that the nominal length of your vessel is usually less than your true LOA.

Once all the information is entered, press the “CHECK AVAILABILITY” button to proceed.


Select your slip

Select your slip and then select the space from the dropdown menu then press “START BOOKING” to proceed. Be aware that slip assignments may change up to and including the day of your arrival.

Check slip requirements

Before selecting your slip, please ensure your vessel meets our requirements. Our outer docks (A-linear, A1, A6, F-linear, and F1) require a minimum freeboard of 3.5 feet, so please accurately measure your vessel’s freeboard before selecting a slip.  Freeboard = the height from the water line to the deck.


Select add-ons

Select your shore power needed from the list of add-ons (optional).


Time Limited Collection of Further Information

Once you arrive to the add-on page, a 10-minute timer has started in the top right corner. Please ensure you collect all information needed in the subsequent steps before starting your reservation to avoid running out of time.

Enter all information with an asterix (*)

All the information with an asterisk (*) next to it on the following screens must be entered within the time limit. Please review and collect the information as follows:


Review and Pay

Review the rules of the marina, along with your booking summary. When you’re ready, click “Pay Now” to secure your booking.

If your booking was successful, you will be brought to the confirmation page and sent an email with all the details of your reservation. Please use the link in your confirmation email to modify or cancel your reservation if needed. Note, our cancellation policy requires 48-hour notice for a full refund, minus a $12 processing fee.

Thank you for choosing Salt Spring Marina. We look forward to having you!